Authors/Anthology Editors

Meet our authors and/or anthology editors!

’Nathan Burgoine, author of Blurbed
S.M. Carriere S.M. Carrière, author of Daughters of Britain and Skylark
Author Kaitlin Caul Kaitlin Caul, author of Life After Redby
Eric Desmarais Éric Desmarais, author of
A Study in Aether
The Sign of Faust
A Case of Synchronicity
Jen Desmarais Jen Desmarais, creator of Blush
Nathan Caro Fréchette Nathan Caro Fréchette (writing as Caroline Fréchette), author of
Family by choice series (Blood Relations, Brothers in Arms, Blood Matters, Kindred Spirits)
Making a Living
Some Assembly Required
Cait Gordon Cait Gordon, author of Life in the ’Cosm and The Stealth Lovers.
Co-editor of Nothing Without Us.
Stephen Graham King Stephen Graham King, author of A Congress of Ships
John Haas John Haas, author of The Reluctant Barbarian and The Wayward Spider
Robert Hamilton, author of OUR STORY: Coming Out in the Times of HIV and AIDS
Elizabeth Hirst Elizabeth Hirst, author of The Face in the Marsh and Distant Early Warnings

Talia C. Johnson

Talia C. Johnson, co-editor of Nothing Without Us
MJ Lyons MJ Lyons, author of Murder at the World’s Fair
Evan May Evan May, author ofThe King in Darkness and Bonhomme Sept-Heures
Derek Newman-Stille Derek Newman-Stille, editor of We Shall Be Monsters
Aurelia Osborne Aurelia Osborne, author of The Admirer and Thrills on Ice
Ronnie Ritchie Ronnie Ritchie, author of It’s Complicated
Madona Skaff-Koren, author of Journey of a Thousand Steps
Su J Sokol Su J. Sokol, author of Run J. Run
Sue Taylor-Davidson, author of To Pluck a Crow and Death Stalks the House of Herbert
Una Verdandi, author of Black Wolf
Jamieson Wolf Jamieson Wolf, author of:
Lust and Lemonade
Life and Lemonade
Love and Lemonade