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The traditional “talk,” when parents talk to their kids about sex, can be intimidating, awkward, and is all too often avoided. Kids often dread asking the questions they have, and parents often feel they lack the tools and knowledge to address these questions when they are asked, or rely on the schools to address them.

However, kids who are shy about asking the people they love and trust the most the questions they have about sex are not any more likely to feel comfortable in a classroom full of their peers. The fear of being judged, or even just perceived as weird, can be paralyzing, and often the only way people feel safe discussing these issues is if the subject is brought up by someone or something else.

With 200 questions (and their answers!) this trivia game is the perfect tool to initiate important discussions about all aspects of sexuality. With subjects like reproduction, general health, gender identity, and sexual orientation, Blush aims to help parents and teachers approach the topic of sexual health with their teens and pre-teens, and to give kids the opportunity to ask the questions they have in an atmosphere of fun and comfort.

Game content

  • Family version: For 3-10 players
  • 250 questions on 125 cards, 40 voting cards (4 per player), instructions
  • Classroom version: For 2-30 students and one facilitator
  • 250 questions on 125 cards, 60 large voting cards, instructions

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