Authors/Anthology Editors

Meet our authors and/or anthology editors!

’Nathan Burgoine, author of Blurbed.

Heather Chambers, author of Death’s Lover

Jen Desmarais

Jen Desmarais, creator of Blush.

Joan Donaldson-Yarmey, author of A Killer Match

Greg Frankson, editor of AfriCANthology.

Nathan Caro Fréchette

Nathan Caro Fréchette (previously writing as Caroline Fréchette), author of the Family by choice series (Blood Relations, Brothers in Arms, Blood Matters, and Kindred Spirits) and author of Making a Living, Some Assembly Required, Unblocked, and Whispers Between Fairies.

Bruce Gordon, author of Dissatisfied Me: A Love Story

Stephen Graham King

Stephen Graham King, author of A Congress of Ships and Ghost Light Burn.

Betty Guenette, author of A Burning We Will Die.

Robert Kingett, co-editor of Artificial Divide.

Randy Lacey, co-editor of Artificial Divide.

Mariam Pal, author of Ballet Is Not For Muslim Girls

Sonia Saikaley, author of Samantha’s Sandwich Stand

Su J Sokol

Su J. Sokol, author of Run J. Run.

Una Verdani

Una Verdandi, author of Black Wolf.