Executive committee

Renaissance is not the work of any single person; we are the product of a team effort, and as such, we like to function via committees, so that all decisions are reached by several people putting their minds together.

The people responsible for the direction of Renaissance are the executive committee. It is made of three founders of Renaissance, the people who invested all the money and time to build it from the ground up.

Nathan Caro Fréchette, Marie-Claude Goulet and Marjolaine Lafrenière make up the executive committee. They meet periodically to ensure that everything is going the way it should be, direct the projects which have been accepted by the acquisitions committee, and take care of marketing the books and all the sales events we attend, from registering for them or organizing them, to figuring out the logistics at the actual events.

 (From left to right: Marjolaine, Marie-Claude, and Nathan)

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