Natalie Cousineau

Natalie has a long list of passions, but two of her favourites are writing and editing. She believes that stories inspire us, teach us, and make us better people—more than we could ever realize. A Professional Writing graduate and a published author, Natalie strives to make the world a better story at a time.


Massive 5th anniversary party,

It's been five years already since Renaissance was founded by a group of friends, and it hasn't just grown in that time - it's exploded. In that period of time, we  signed a total of 19 Canadian authors; built a team of 13 editors, designers, and artists; published twenty novels and three games; and are planning ten more releases, including one game… Continue reading Massive 5th anniversary party,

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Su J. Sokol

Su J. Sokol is an activist and a writer of speculative, liminal, and interstitial fiction. A former legal services lawyer from New York City, she immigrated to Canada with her family in 2004 and now makes Montréal her home. Su works as a social rights advocate for a community organization where she speaks French (and English)… Continue reading Su J. Sokol


Our Frankenkickstarter is ALIIIIVE!

Our Kickstarter is aliiiive!  Our Kickstarter campaign is live as of right now! Help us get the funds we need to make this anthology all it can possibly be!! The campaign has amazing perks, and you should definitely go over to Kickstarter right now and check it out!!  Here's a bit more info: We Shall… Continue reading Our Frankenkickstarter is ALIIIIVE!

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Stephen Graham-King

Stephen Graham King lives in Toronto. His first book, Just Breathe, tells the funny, blunt, uncompromising story of his three year battle with metastatic synovial sarcoma. Since then, he has concentrated on writing speculative fiction, in particular, queer-themed space opera, and his short fiction has appeared in the anthologies North of Infinity II, Desolate Places… Continue reading Stephen Graham-King


Elizabeth Hirst

Elizabeth Hirst is an author, animator and all-around arts junkie from Hamilton, Ontario. She began writing books as a child, because she couldn't find enough books that made rural Niagara magical. Her previous credits include They Called Her Canada: The War Diaries of Nursing Sister Bessie Beyer and contributions to the Mousehunt and Levynlight apps. On a typical weekend, you can… Continue reading Elizabeth Hirst


MJ Lyons

MJ Lyons is a writer, journalist and game maker. Covering arts and culture, he has written for dozens of publications, and penned a five-year-long column with a colleague on lesser known LGBT history, History Boys, for Xtra, Canada's national queer news source. Recently he has contributed writing to game projects including LongStory, a LGBT-positive dating sim for… Continue reading MJ Lyons


Ronnie Ritchie

Ronnie Ritchie is a comic artist and storyteller originally from the rural Northern California coast, now living and working in Peterborough, ON. They are the creator of the autobiographical comic GQutie and contributed to comic anthologies We're Still Here and Wayward Sisters. Their comics have been used to educate others across the world, in classrooms as well as online. Books… Continue reading Ronnie Ritchie

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Five shillings and sixpence by ‘Nathan Burgoine

Our countdown to the winter solstice concludes today. Thank you for following it this month! Around this time of the year comes a number of important religious celebrations around the world. To celebrate, we’ve brought together quite a few amazing independent authors and artists for an advent calendar of blog posts. Each of them has written… Continue reading Five shillings and sixpence by ‘Nathan Burgoine