“Blood Relations” Trailer Shoot

We recently shot a trailer for our very first book, “Blood Relations”, by Caroline Fréchette, set to come out this October!

Here are some pictures from our day. To see the whole photo album, go to our Facebook Page at!


Makeup in progress
Makeup in progress
Checking the storyboard
Checking the storyboard
Is that a dead body...?
Is that a dead body…?
"Alex" and "Jimmy", two close friends you will get to know in "Blood Relations"
“Alex” and “Jimmy”, two close friends you will get to know in “Blood Relations”
Alex is pretty special...
Alex is pretty special…
"Jimmy" and "Alex" on a bench
“Jimmy” and “Alex” on a bench
It's a wrap!
It’s a wrap!



2 thoughts on ““Blood Relations” Trailer Shoot”

  1. Welcome to CAN-CON 2013! We are pleased to have you join us on the Cutting Edge of Speculative Fiction.
    The Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Fiction is scheduled for October 4-6, 2013 at the Minto Suites in Ottawa ON.
    There are several other publishers coming, including Bundoran Press, ChiZine, AEScienceFiction, and lepagesauxfolles, as well as comic book/ graphic novel publishers like Galaxion and Mirror Comics.
    You will be in good company.


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