“Blood Relations” Interactive Story – Part II

Here is Part II of our interactive story, in honour of  “Blood Relations”. Watch out, Corey M. of FB, you will recognize yourself in this!

Comment below with your answers! Please post your comments by Tuesday, July 30th, midnight (EDT)!



She was lying on her side, her back against the side of the concrete wall of one of the buildings. The first thing she noticed was her aching throat and mouth, as if she hadn’t had a drop of liquid to drink in days. She had never felt a thirst like that, and it was hurting like hell. She pushed herself up with her arms and sat looking around her, trying to remember what had happened to her. She slowly started to realize that something about her was different. She could see things she shouldn’t be able to, at least not at night.

Then, she heard a faint noise at the back of the alley.

To her surprise, she was already standing in a karate stance, ready to fight, without even having thought about it. She had moved so fast that she froze in place, thinking that was impossible, and she must be freaking crazy. She heard the sound again. She looked to the left at the end of the alley where garbage cans lay scattered on the side, except one. All of a sudden a big ball of grey fur jumped out of the can that was still standing, landing a few feet from her. She jumped and snarled at it.

“What the hell? Did I just snarl?” she said, shocked.

“Yes, you did snarl”, she heard a voice say.

She looked around the ally several times, then up, to see if there was anybody on the roof. No one!

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” she screamed in panic.

“My name is Samuel, but everybody calls me Sam. Do not be alarmed, I will not hurt you.”

She swept the area but there was nobody there, except the big grey cat which jumped out of the garbage can earlier. Now he really caught her attention, for she had never seen a cat as big as that one before. He was strutting slowly towards her with his enormous bushed tail and head held higher than an ordinary cat. His big green eyes were observing her with an intelligence that was almost human, though the color was way off. Not a normal green at all: it was dark forest green. How weird is that! She thought. Then, to her astonishment, she saw his mouth moving as she heard:

“I am the king of all cats, and I can talk. You are not crazy, Mariana.”

She snorted in disbelief.

“You’re a talking cat, and I’m not crazy?” she screamed at him. “What the fuck happened to me tonight? Am I in the Twilight Zone, or what?” she continued rambling, discouraged”.

Then, she heard the sound of a small heart, beating and pumping blood. She could hear the blood flowing as it traveled along the arteries and veins. She licked her lips, the thirst suppressing all other senses, and her thinking. Her instincts made he crouch to attack the cat.

“You really don’t want to do this, Mariana”, the cat said in a menacing voice…


– What do you think might happen next?


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