Cover design services

Our cover design prices vary a lot depending on several factors: do you need a simple front for an ebook, or a full cover with a back cover and spine? Do you have your own image, do you want a stock image, or do you want original work to be produced?

Here are some prices for very basic job. Please note that anything more complex than that will need to be evaluated individually. It is difficult to give a specific cost without knowing exactly the extent of work that needs to be done. You can expect something between 200 to 600, depending on your needs. You will find a link at the bottom to a form for you to fill so you we can get an accurate idea of the work to be done, and you can get a more accurate quote.

Back cover for existing front cover: 100, or 150 including spine. 175 including putting everything together on a printable sheet with cut lines for a printer.

Front cover: design from existing image: 125$, no touch-ups on image. From stock photo which you picked, no touch-ups: same, no touch-ups, plus cost of stock photo.

These prices include 1 variant typesetting and 1 revision. Further revisions are negotiable and handled on a case-by-case basis.

Typical turnaround for a cover from an existing or stock image without touch-ups is typically two weeks. If you want a custom job, delays may vary (but will be agreed upon before the job is taken). Additional fees may be asked for rush jobs.

Please fill this form to receive a quote.

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