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Happy birthday, Renaissance!

Three years ago today, we were launching our very first title, along with this company. Today, we have 12 books and 3 games released, three more upcoming projects with contracts signed, and many more interesting projects under review. To all our fantastic authors, to all our amazing, dedicated editors, illustrators, and designers, to the executive committee who works relentlessly to make everything possible, thank you. csaudhqweaizdwp 13775381_1037065476330051_6383729555195249414_n1
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And a huge thank you to all of the people who have bought our books, left reviews, shared our posts, attended our events, and generally kept us in good spirits.
It’s been a fantastic journey so far, and we’re going further and further all the time.
Happy birthday to everyone who makes Renaissance possible!
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It's a wrap!
It’s a wrap!

caro-and-s-mIs that a dead body...?

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