The sale of LOVE!

It’s cold outside, and it’s the season of love. Keep your hearts warm with romantic thoughts with our sale of LOVE!

All of our love-oriented games, and every title which prominently features a love story, will be discounted for the whole month of February!!

Blush is a trivia card game that is all about sex and relationships, to start conversations about health, safety and well-being. 

We have a family version available in English (physical product or print-and-play) and French (physical product or print-and-play), or a classroom version available in English (physical product or print-and-play) and French (physical product or print-and-play).


A Match Made in Austen is a fun game of intrigue, matchmaking, and storytelling, involving the characters from the major novels of Jane Austen. It’s available in English (physical product or print-and-play) or French (physical product or print-and-play).



cover6Thrills on Ice is one of our most successful titles; it’s a sweet story of true love and triumph over overwhelming odds. With professional hockey and Olympic figure-skating at its forefront, it’s also as Canadian as can be!


The Admirer is a riveting mystery / romance that perfectly matches the styles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Jane Austen. If you enjoy historical fiction, mystery, and classical romance, this book is for you! It’s available as a paperback, audiobook CD, or audiobook on MP3 CD.


Life in the ‘Cosm might be a quirky science-fiction comedy, but it is first and foremost about relationships. If you’re a fan of Douglas Adams and enjoy stories about relationships, this one’s for you!


Making a Living is a Young Adult novel set in a world recovering after the fall of a meteorite caused a zombie uprising. It tells the story of a broken young man and an undead doctor, and how they find in each other the possibility of a new life – literally. If you enjoy complex, psychological stories which can sometimes be funny and slow building relationships, this one’s for you!


kscoverKindred Spirits is the third volume in the Family by Choice series, but can easily be read on its own. In this story, a group of people with super powers with checkered pasts and no desire to be heroes go on a mission around the world to prevent a catastrophe. If you like stories with strong character building that go from funny to touching to suspenseful, Kindred Spirits is for you!

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