Holiday blog tour – calling all authors!

Calling all authors!!

Let me preface this cool (really I swear it is very cool) post by apologizing for posting about the winter holidays before Halloween is properly done and over, but this is something cool!

Would you like to be part of a sort of month-long holiday celebratory “blog tour”, to feature both your blog and your writing on our site and a lot of other authors’ blogs?

Here’s how this would work:

We all write a piece of holiday / winter themed fiction, poetry, or graphic short. On each day leading up to New Year’s, someone different posts their story on their blog. That way, we get to have tons of stories to read, and lots of new blogs to discover!

To participate:

– You let us know your intent to participate, and we assign you a date.
– You write one piece of fiction / poetry / graphic short, about /related to / set during the winter holiday of your choice, and make sure it’s ready before the date you’re assigned.
– During the month, you let your followers know when your date is coming, and let them know about all the other cool stories being shared around!

Dos and Don’ts:

– finish your story in time or give warning if you don’t think you can make it;
– think about positive inclusion in your stories;
– feel free to explore multiple religious and non-religious avenues;
– look into winter/holiday myths and legends and make them your own.

– write stories which discriminate against or put down marginalized identities;
– write stories which promote r*pe culture.

Please manifest your interest by writing to info (at) renaissancebookpress (dot) com.

We’re looking forward to reading you!

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