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Look at all these nominations!

Renaissance is so proud to announce that so many of our projects and authors have qualified for a Prix Aurora Award in 2018! The Prix Aurora Awards are public awards, which means if you see something on the list below you think deserves to win, you can go make yourself an account here and nominate your favorite works!

Here is what Renaissance and its authors have in the eligibility list this year. You will find, in bold, Renaissance titles, and in italics, titles by our authors but not related to Renaissance.

There are a lot of terrific choices below! We hope your heart doesn’t break from having to choose!

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Best Novel

Life After Redby, Kaitlin Caul

Skylark, S. M. Carriere

Best Young Adult Novel

Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks by ‘Nathan Burgoine

The Sign of Faust by Éric Desmarais

Best Short Fiction

An Accounting, of sorts, Tonya Liburd, Metaphysical Circus Press

A night at the Rabbit Hole, Cait Gordon, Alice Unbound anthology, Exile

A Stitch in Time, Tonya Liburd, Lethe Press

Chimera, Andrew Wilmot, We Shall Be Monsters, Renaissance

Chronology of a Burn, Tonya Liburd, Vastarien

Damned Cat, Tonya Liburd, Polar Borealis

Devices of Desire, Éric Desmarais, JenEric Designs

F. – A Modern Prometheus, Eric Choi and Joseph McGinty, We Shall Be Monsters, Renaissance

Monster, Halli Lilburn, We Shall Be Monsters

More, Kaitlin Tremblay, We Shall Be Monsters

Mother Monster, Victoria K. Martin, We Shall Be Monsters

Ragdoll in Ragtime, D. Simon Turner, We Shall Be Monsters

Skin, Nathan Fréchette, Over the Rainbow

Studies in Shadow and Light, Su J. Sokol, B-Cubed press

Superfreak, Tonya Liburd, Shades Within Us

The Hilltop Gathering, Cait Gordon, We Shall Be Monsters

The Patchwork Girl, Evelyn Deshane, We Shall Be Monsters

The Perfect Husband, JF Garrard, We Shall Be Monsters

The Solution, Corey Redekop, We Shall Be Monsters

The TeapotChicken, Éric Desmarais, JenEric Designs

Wollstonecraft, Ashley Caranto Morford, We Shall Be Monsters

Best Related Work:

We Shall Be Monsters, Derek Newman-Stille

Over the Rainbow, Derek Newman-Stille

Best fan writing and publication

Constructing the Future, Derek Newman-Stille, Uncanny Magazine, essay

Traveling TARDIS, Jen Desmarais, JenEric Designs

Best Fan Related Work

Nights at the Round Table, Season 5, S. M. Carriere (Marjolaine Lafreniere, Eric Desmarais, Nathan Fréchette, Jamieson Wolf are all contributors)

Speculating Canada, Derek Newman-Stille