RenVCon Fall edition needs your help!

Renaissance Press is planning the next edition of our Virtual Conference, which will be held in the fall. We are currently looking for volunteers to help run the con, and for panel ideas to propose to our future panelists.

Please note that at this time, we are not yet looking for speakers, readers and panelists. Look out for a call for interest in August!

What is Renaissance Virtual Conference?

RenVCon is an entirely online conference focused on elevating diverse writers’ voices and bringing together the writing community. Its first edition was held over three days in early June, and this edition will be held in the fall, most likely in October. It is held over Zoom, with panels being recorded and posted to YouTube with closed captioning afterwards. We also have a virtual vendors’ room, and a virtual con suite in the form of a Discord chat, which you can find here.

We want your panel ideas!

Help us come up with awesome panel ideas! We are specifically looking for/to:

* Elevate marginalized voices, especially BIPOC voices
* Topics that are not covered at mainstream cons

Bring us all your best ideas!To have an idea of what’s already been discussed, you can check out last conference’s program here.  We are looking for new ideas!


We need volunteers!

Would you like to help make the next Renaissance Virtual Conference a reality? Sign up as a volunteer!

We need help with the following things:

  • Hosting Zoom meetings (from our own Zoom account)
  • Moderating panels (you will be provided with a list of sample questions if you want)
  • Closed Captioning (adding captions to videos which we will then upload to YouTube, this can be done by just listening to the video and typing out the words in a word document)
  • Uploading things to the website (such as author pictures, bios, etc.)

You will be credited for your work on our website (unless you don’t want to be) and you will be able to pick a free book from our catalog.



SF Canada will partner with us this time to help out. Welcome SF Canada!