Jacques Aleksandar Cimesa

Alek is a professional writer-editor and translator who has spent most of his life working in publishing and communications. His work has been published in newspapers across Canada, in international education systems, and on government websites. These days he’s focusing on writing poetry in French and editing technical papers for high-impact journals while taking on freelance… Continue reading Jacques Aleksandar Cimesa

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Sue Taylor-Davidson

Sue Taylor-Davidson lives in Ottawa.  Her life has been full and happy, with a wonderful husband and 3 great step-children, a large extended family, commitment to Aboriginal issues, research jobs, library work, babies, animals (specifically cats), editing, NGOs dedicated to education and library development, lots of gardening, knitting, Shakespeare research, reading, art and writing.  She… Continue reading Sue Taylor-Davidson


IMPORTANT NOTICE – Possible service disruption

Hi everyone! As you may or may not be aware, Canada Post is set to strike very soon if a resolution is not reached. Please be aware that this will affect our ability to mail out our physical products for the duration of the strike. Our electronic products, such as ebooks, audio books, and print-and-play… Continue reading IMPORTANT NOTICE – Possible service disruption