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Edited by Emily Gillespie and Jennifer Lee Rossman All too often in popular media, disability is used as shorthand to say a character is helpless or weak. A victim. And if that character is a superpowered person, their disability becomes something for them to overcome or cure in order for them to become a hero.… Continue reading MIGHTY – CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

Calls for submissions/auditions


Edited by HE Casson IN SHORT DEADLINE EXTENDED!!! What: A pro-rate anthology of short fiction pieces on the theme of “home” (500-3500 words) on the theme of HOME Who: Storytellers who have experienced—or are experiencing—homelessness. When: Submissions are open from July 1, 2022, to September 30, 2022 Deadline extended to October 31st, 2022! Publication is… Continue reading CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – There’s No Place

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Nothing Without Us Kickstarter is on from April 1-30, 2019!

Nothing Without Us is a collection of short fiction starring protagonists who identify as disabled, Deaf, neurodiverse, Spoonie, and/or who manage mental illness. Learn more about this amazing own-voice anthology and please consider supporting and sharing our Kickstarter! You can also listen to the interview we did on AMI-radio’s Live from Studio 5! We also discuss the anthology on on Rogers Daytime Ottawa! ID:… Continue reading Nothing Without Us Kickstarter is on from April 1-30, 2019!


Our Frankenkickstarter is ALIIIIVE!

Our Kickstarter is aliiiive!  Our Kickstarter campaign is live as of right now! Help us get the funds we need to make this anthology all it can possibly be!! The campaign has amazing perks, and you should definitely go over to Kickstarter right now and check it out!!  Here's a bit more info: We Shall… Continue reading Our Frankenkickstarter is ALIIIIVE!