“Blood Relations” Interactive Story – Part IV

To celebrate our upcoming release, “Blood Relations”, we have an interactive story where YOU, the reader, get a say in what happens next!

Here is Part IV of the story – watch out Nicole C. from Facebook, you will recognize your comment in this!

You have until Wednesday August 21st, at midnight EDT (Eastern Daylight Time), to post, in the comments section, your answers to the questions at the end of the story! After that, we will choose one that we find particularly inspiring, and Part V will be posted.

Enjoy! 🙂



When Katherine reached the school, she still hadn’t heard back from Mariana. Nor did she see her at their usual hangout spots throughout the day. By the time school ended, Katherine was getting really worried, and decided to stop by Mariana’s house to check on her.

When she reached the house, she was surprised to see Mariana’s parents’ cars in the driveway. That meant they were not at work – which didn’t look good. Did something happen to her friend? She had just started up the walkway to the front door, when a big grey cat jumped in front of her, starring at her intently.

“Mariana is not here, Katherine”, he said.

Katherine stopped dead in her tracks and starred at the cat. Cats don’t talk!

“Do not be afraid, Katherine – I mean you well.”

“You… you… you talk?”

“My name is Samuel; you can call me Sam. I know what you can do, Katherine, and I need your help. I know where Mariana is.”

Katherine blinked. How did this cat know her name – and her superpower?

“Please, Katherine. Consider you abilities – you should not be too surprised by a talking cat…”

“I… I guess so…” Kind of, she added mentally. Her “abilities” were one thing, a freaking talking cat was another all together. Still… “You… you know where Mariana is?” She continued. “She’s not home? What happened? Where is she?”

“Something terrible has happened to her. I’m afraid she is lost to the other world, unfortunately. I was hoping that you both could help with that problem, but we will need to rely on you now. They are getting too numerous.”

“Something… terrible? What happened?!”

“She has been turned.”



“What does that even mean?” I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with a cat, she thought. A cat!

“You are not familiar with the term? I thought all teenagers today knew about the trend that vampire lore has become. Granted, the real thing has nothing to do with what you find in those romance books and movies.”

“Vampires? What the hell? Vampires don’t really exist.”

The cat gave her what she thought was his best attempt at a level, slightly annoyed, look – considering it was, well, a cat.

“Again… Katherine, think about it.”

“Yea, yea, I have abilities, I know, I know.”

“We need your gift to help with the problem of the vampire populations’ recent increase in this town.”

“Erm… You need me to get involved with vampires?”

“You can help us Katherine.”

“And Mariana? Can we help her too?”

“Mariana is lost to us. She has been transformed. It is up to you, now.”

“No way! I’m not letting her down! She’s my best friend!”

“Katherine! Listen to me! The Mariana you knew is no longer. If she sees you at night, she won’t give you a second thought. You are but food to her now. She is dangerous. As are all the others being turned. We need to do something about it before it’s too late.”

This was all too weird. Sure, Katherine had a “gift”. She had known for a few years now. Mariana knew about it too; she was the only one. Katherine was too afraid of being labelled a freak or being hauled away to a testing facility to tell anyone else. She hardly ever used it either: she just wanted to be normal.

But now this cat – talking cat – wanted her to not only use it, but use it against vampires? And against her friend? Not a chance. Katherine knew Mariana: she was sweet and friendly, and would not hurt a fly. Surely part of her had survived the transformation? There must be a way to help her… But how? She had no idea where Mariana was, and could not find her on her own. Her abilities were not something that could locate people on a whim.

However, this cat did know… Perhaps, if she agreed to help him, he could lead her to Mariana, and she could then do her best to save her friend.

“Ok,” she decided. “Sure. I’ll help you.”

“I am glad to hear that, Katherine. Come, I have much to tell you.”

The cat walked by her and made his way down the sidewalk. Katherine hesitated only a second, and then walked behind the cat.


– What do you think Katherine’s “superpower/ability” is?
– Why would Samuel need her to help with the town’s vampire problem?


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