“Blood Relations” Interactive Story – Part V

To celebrate our upcoming release, “Blood Relations”, we have an interactive story where YOU, the reader, get a say in what happens next!

Here is Part V of the story – Frances and Carolina from FB, this is a partial explanation for you…

You have until Sunday September 1st, at midnight EDT (Eastern Daylight Time), to post, in the comments section, your answers to the questions at the end of the story! After that, we will choose one that we find particularly inspiring, and Part VI will be posted.

Enjoy! 🙂



Finally, Sasha McLaren was in bed. She was exhausted by the day. The grueling autopsy, the nagging police officer, the kids not wanting to eat, not even their favorite fries from the diner around the corner. What was up with that? When was Todd coming back from that conference again? He was her rock and her confidant and there was so much she wanted to share that night…

Rolling around in her bed, her mind wandered back to the morgue. That autopsy was very peculiar and she wasn’t too pleased with the results. She had been thorough, but something was eluding her. The body did not have many clues to offer, only a few bruises. He had obviously been kicked in the right place. A bad date gone wrong? She was secretly cheering for that one. With his past, she bore no sympathy to the victim. He had gotten what he deserved…

But that neck… It looked like somebody had taken a bite out of him, much like one would in a hamburger. The inspector had been really annoying, questioning her judgement in front of everyone.

“What do you mean, a bite?”

“Sure. Just like you would take in a hamburger.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Not in the slightest, sir.” She had tried to stay polite, but wanted to slap him.

“You mean to tell me that this looks like somebody tried to eat that guy? What, like a vampire would? You clearly have been reading too many romance novels.”

“I’m not saying this is what happened, but it does look like it.”

This finding was quite intriguing… What if vampires really did exist? Sasha turned to the other side. She needed a fresh opinion. Somebody with an open mind. The inspector had been so patronizing… There was no way they would find the truth with him as the head investigator.

– – – – –

Katherine followed the cat through the neighborhood. She felt like Alice in the fairy tale that she had to read for English class in the 7th grade. What had been the name of that book? Many other questions were going through her mind: first, where was he taking her? What did he want her to do? How did he know about her powers? She was barely coming to terms with them. Those voices she could hear, the things she could move, and, most scary of all, the things she could make people do. Ok, it was awesome to get out of those dreaded math assignments, but could she use it to save Mariana? Katherine was doubtful. But she was a loyal friend, and she and Mariana had made a pact with each other, to always be there for one another. Granted, that was in the 4th grade, with a pinky swear, but it still counted as binding. Good thing the sun was still up; she felt a little bit more secure. What if the vampires attacked her at night? What if Mariana didn’t recognize her? Those thoughts were getting the best of her. What if that cat was just a lure from the vampires, assuming that they even existed? He did sound pretty convincing. Katherine had to rely on herself now, and no amount of superpowers seemed to reassure her.

The cat finally turned around and said:

“We have arrived. After you, my dear…”

Katherine, almost stumbling upon the cat, looked up, horrified.

“What in the name of hell is that?”


– Where is Katherine? What did she see?
– What do you think Sasha will do? Will she investigate on her own? Who is this Todd? Could he help her?


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